A Good Place to Start

Here are some of the most useful sites to start learning Russian.  This is not a completed list as I am always finding more and will add them to the list.  I will let the websites speak for themselves, you will either like them or not.  I have found them very useful and frequent them... Continue Reading →


Why is Russian so Difficult?

Let me begin with some basic facts... The Foreign Service Institute's School of Language Studies has categorized Russian as a level 4 language.  According to their 70 plus years of observation, it would take an average student with no prior knowledge of Russian, approximately 44 weeks or 1100 class hours to learn it.  Looking at... Continue Reading →

Classic Russian Movies You Must Watch!p

As part of my Russian Language studies, the instructor assigned six classic Russian movies to watch.  These depict in a way, different eras in Russian History.  These movies were, and probably still are, very popular as with many Soviet era movies.  However, the last two movies Брат and Брат 2 were created after the fall... Continue Reading →

Why Russian?

Many people are completely baffled as to why I want to learn Russian.  After giving me strange looks, as though I am from another planet, or with a hint suspicion, they ask, "But why Russian?".  However, they really misunderstand what a great challenge it is behind this intriguing journey.  Russian is such a beautifully designed... Continue Reading →

First Things First

I would like to start out by discussing what not to do when learning a new language. We often learn more from our mistakes then we do from our successes. As a wise man once said, it is better to learn from someone else’s mistakes then it is your own. How true, and that is... Continue Reading →

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