Welcome To My Language Blog

nice-basilica-russian-basilica-tourist-attractionWhy create a language blog?


I created this blog to share with you, my struggle of learning a foreign language.  Not just any language, but a rather complex and beautifully expressive language.  I wanted to record my journey, so that I and others could look back from where I began, to wherever it takes me into the future.  My end goal is fluency, let’s see if I get there. This journey is like taking a trip to a wonderful and exotic land, because there is always new discoveries along the way.  Just like the top of these beautiful structures, reminds me of onions, having multiple layers, which is in fact, equally true of the Russian language. Believe me when I say, that no one learns Russian by accident!  So, for those who have made this journey before me, congratulations, you have my utmost respect!  This is my public journal in which I am recording all the good and bad moments of my learning process.  I will share what worked and what didn’t, as well as learning tips that I have discovered.  Together we will see where this journey takes me!  Thanks for visiting.


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